Ultimate Protein Plus Pack


This program helps all men and women manage their weight quickly.

It includes

  1. Nutritional Shake Mix
  2. Multi-vitamin Mineral and Herbal Tablets
  3. Personalized Protein Powder
  4. Cell Activator Capsules

It is 100% vegetarian and it helps reduce excess kilos

It manages hunger, provides necessary vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants.

Please consult us about this product’s usage so that your weight loss program gives the best results.

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For best results, please contact us so that we can guide you about how this pack can help you reach your weight, energy and fitness goals.

For reference purposes only,

Nutritional Shake Mix can be used up to two times a day with slim milk as it helps control your regular food portion size.

Personalised Protein Powder can be used up to four times a day with milk, yoghurt, cereal or soup as it helps maintain lean muscle mass as it provides the proteins and nutrition required for your body and keeps your energy  level high in between meals

Multi-vitamin Mineral and Herbal tablets support the body’s metabolism and immune system and one tablet can be taken up to three times a day with meals.

Cell activator tablets helps the body’s absorption of nutrients and one capsule can be taken twice a day with meals

Additional information

Shake Flavour

Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango


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